Is it just me or does time feel fictional? If I were to wake up tomorrow being served crepes in bed by a dwarf, I think I would graciously accept them without any qualms whatsoever!

December has come and thus the end of the year is imminent. Just last week I accidentally wrote “2012” on a form, clearly my muscle memory is not caught up to date. How in the holy blazes is it almost 2015? Also, where the heck is my hover car I was promised for this time when I was a rugrat


I have a question for the quacks: why so quiet? I miss the Y2K scares and Armageddon promises! There was always that sliver of energy put out into the Universe, that one glimmer that maybe the crazies were on to something… This year everyone is just dropping the soap on 2015, not putting up a fight at all. 

The holidays are the too sugary icing over a ginger snap. It looks so dainty and delectable, fitting comfortably in between your finger beds. You take that first bite, anticipating the soft chew and aromatic plume, only to be rudely awakened by a spicy crack. The sugar working frantically so as not to make you suspect the herb crumbs mingling about.

I know, this was a graphic and chilling tale, but I must remove the shimmering tinsel veil from your eyes! Big Brother is just trying to slather Vaseline on the new year and slide it down our guzzles.

beef and cheese

I tried to do my due diligence, I really did. I bought new scarves, yet the weather prefers to stay at a toasty near-spring, thus forcing my new wool into hibernation. I attempted a cutesy winter time romance, fantasizing about walks in the muting snow and mittens holding each other. Alas, I forgot I’m either too picky or too peculiar for most Earthlings, so I am left under the mistletoe snapchatting myself smooching a rather tired looking teddy bear. I tried to plan and throw the classic Christmas party. I had a gourmet menu planned and already found the perfect gold lined skirt to compliment the sparkling apple cider, but in the end, the co-founder felt it was not meant to be.


Here I am, beaten down with a stocking full of coal. Of course, I have so many wonderful adventures planned for this next year; lists of changes and Pinterest boards full of dreams…but didn’t I do the same thing last December 8th? Wasn’t I already planning my resolutions and picturing my success? 

If I didn’t have any failures this past year, I also never had any successes; one cannot be without the other. So, if I anticipate a sprinkling of failures in my key lime tart that is life, then it just turns into zest! I have 365 days ahead to change the world, change myself, or change a light bulb. Which shall it be? 


I guess the more I think about it, this past year hasn’t been as gruesome as I might have led you to believe. I did teach amazing yoga classes, won 2nd place Speaker Award and was a semifinalist in the National Education Debate Tournament. I was top 6% of my class, topping the Dean’s Lists. I did move 1,583 miles away to live in the enchanted mountains. I discovered my passion of cooking and the love of a vegan lifestyle. I made better friends than I’ve ever had. I started swing dancing on weekends, clumsily, but smiling. I grew closer than ever to my incredible family. I saw my little sister sign up for the Lord’s force and dropped her off at the Missionary Training Center. I met my brand new nephew and adorable contender for my affections.  I grew my testimony of the Gospel of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and the Plan of Salvation by an exponential amount. 

I read amazing books, see silencing sights, meet inspiring people and feel passionate things.

All in all, bring it 2015.